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From bathroom accessories to bathroom basins, toilets, showers and taps we have the stock for your bathroom designs.  Even if you need some bathroom ideas why not pop in and perhaps let us help you decide what to do for your bathroom plumbing project. 

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Bathroom Plumbing Supplies

Your bathroom project doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg to achieve elegance. 

Bathroom Sanitary Ware

In the plumbing industry this term sanitary ware is commonly used jargon, which we all understand.. BUT to the the everyday person not involved in plumbing… this is a not so common term, even though the term sanitary ware  used here… is used by each and every one of us, everyday!

Prestige Plumbing and Hardware has a range that covers:


Toilets using the latest green technology (dual flushing and 4.5/ 3 lt water conservation) 

With design and style in mind as well as high quality china that carries guarantees against manufacture defect. 


A place to relax… just unwind from the long and stressful day.  OR.. prep yourself for the long day ahead!

Nothing says relax like a hot, peaceful soak.

A bath is quite possibly one of the most luxurious items of all sanitary ware.


The place where we very likely spend a fair amount of time at in our day (which probably was never considered or realised)is the bathroom basin or washbasin.

We brush our teeth, wash our hands and possibly our face there… perhaps remove our make-up or even apply it at the bathroom basin..

Perhaps you need a tiny space saving basin for a 1/2 bathroom or maybe a bit fancier with a pedestal, we’ve got something to suit!


Technically showers are not sanitary ware as they’re not ceramic, but since they are used for similar purposes of a bath or basin i.e. washing and cleaning… (well…come to think of it, nowadays some baths are not ceramic either..)  Here they are, well the bases and accessories anyway..

lets move on to TAPS

We have a complete range of stylish bathroom taps and bath mixers

Basin Taps

Bath Taps & Mixers

Accessories for the bathroom

Bathroom Accessories

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